Monday, 9 April 2012

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air.


I feel God's love at the moment.
He gives me this pain.
The pain that I know all too well.
So, He does remember me!
Woohoo! Yeay!
This might be a way of Him fogiving me.
Or punishing me altogether for all my ridiculous sins.
I love you too, God. You know I do.
How can I not love You, when I depend so much on You?
I walk on Your earth, talk to Your other creations,
I dream of Your dreams and I love you simply because...
I breathe Your air, remember? I breathe Your air in the body You lend me.
So God, can You please allow me to use my tongue once again,
without any pain this time around?
We will talk about the punishments a little bit later in the other life, ya?

"With this pain, I grant you comfort. With this patience, I grant you heaven"
I think I want to believe those are Your promises.
Aren't they, God?

How can I not reciprocate to such a promise?

Love is in the air.