Saturday, 21 April 2012

Best Friends Till Heaven

People question me a lot nowadays. How ridiculous and bizarre their questions are, I entertain their fascinations anyway. Patiently enough, hopefully in the next days to come.

I entertain them with hilarious laughters. A lot.


That one feeling is often accompanied by evil perceptions. Overshadowed with jealousy. Strengthen with the eagerness to be the one with the most informed knowledge. The knowledge they think could rock their world. 

Their mundane banal world needs some excitements out of people's flaws. This is what we called gossip. Juicy gossips. Who wouldn't like gossiping? But try to be the one who is gossiped. Then you will know how suffocating your life is.

Apart from praying for my kids' well beings and safety, for my husband's unconditional love and constant support, for my parents' health and easiness in their daily chores, for my siblings and their families' happiness...

my prayers go to all my best friends too.

The one who answers people's doubts on my behalf when I've lost words to reply. The one who induces laughters when I get too serious. The one who is always calm and stays positive all along my wacky days. The one who paints me Heaven when I picture life as Hell.

I shall stop explaining about friendship and the relation it brings into my life.

Real friends:
No explanation needed as you will always believe in me.

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