Saturday, 7 April 2012

Between blog and nose block

It is one of the hottest days that we normally have now. And I feel cold. I have nose block at the moment. And my two chipmunks, the munchiest of the munches, are trying to discourage me from doing things that I don't really wanna do. But I still do. What the heck...hahaha...I love to complicate easy things. To put some thrills, as if life is too dull, too stagnant that I need to torture myself into doing things that I don't  really like doing.

No. This is so not me.
I don't blog.
I am no blogger.


There is one person on this beautiful world really thinks that I should blog. She is indeed persistent. Always encouraging and positively calm when it comes to handling my insane replies and rants on why I shouldn't do as told.

Coz I am difficult.
She is the easy one.
She accepts things around her more willingly than I do.
I always question. I have questions for every answer given.
But often, I fail to answer every question asked.

She is the best of friends that I have.
She draws me near when I go so far astray, away in the dark.
She shows the light when I am sure there is no hope available.

She is a lender... of things and ideas she abundantly has,
Of shoulders and back to support me up,
And of course, she lends me her love that gradually brings me to this writing.

I dedicate my writing to those who believe in me.
I dedicate this blog for you.
With love.

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