Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Excruciating boredom.

When you feel bored, you sense everything is like a pain in the ass. Your heart beats so lazily, you wish that it should stop beating altogether. Your limbs fail to move accordingly, you feel like you have no brain at all in instructing correct movements.You think that you breathe sand instead of air. Even the air around you is now grey in colour. Everything is painfully dull. 

You feel like you are all alone. 
Living in a can. Noisy, packed, suffocating and meaningless.

I am bored today. To the max. I don't feel like doing anything at all. And someone suggested me on updating my blog. She asked me nicely but I shut her request by the most blunt reply I could give her. So she went quiet.

I just do not know where and when the feelings started creeping in. I was fine this morning. But suddenly I felt everything was far-fetched. I felt disoriented. I didn't know the people in front of me, I didn't feel like talking to anyone at all. Even the best ever friend was not in sight when she was standing right in front of my nose.

It was like God has finally taken away altogether that tiny little eagerness left in my heart, dunk straight into an abyss where all the little light available in my eyes is now dead.

And living like a dead person? 
Feeling-less? Ouch! That hurts.