Monday, 31 December 2012

Shame On You

We had many hiccups this year.

All those little things happened surely brought big impact nonetheless. What haunted me most when the kids fell ill way too often. Even mentioning their state of health to some people was such a big predicament.

Some ridiculed me in saying that I used my kids as an escapism. Of tasks that awaited. Of responsibilities that shouldered, supposedly.

Some mentally ill folks even went to a distance calculating my mishaps, digging what were meant to be my nightmares and turned them to be theirs. They were not even related to me. Not by blood. Not even those whom you often talk to. They were not even close friends. Nevertheless, they were the ones who felt disturbed the most.

What did they do?

They blamed.

They thought they knew everything.

They acted as if they were the God and Goddess of all mothers.



One thing you need to remember that your blessings might end up as soon as I finished typing this. Your horrible laughters, cynical looks and rotten judgments would soon be replaced by the same amount of tears and long awaken nights that I faced all this while. You will soon feel your heavy body weighing you down, crumbling and falling apart, tasting the sweet smell of the fresh floor that you had just mopped. And only then would you realize, oh...all this while you have been a very very VERY bad human being.

Or you might not.

Maybe nothing would ever happen to you. Not today. Not after this. Not tomorrow. Not ever. 

Ever and forever God keeps blessing your lives.

But you owe me. And I shall bring that memory to the grave.

But again... 

You are such a bore. I will forget you and all your stupid remarks by the time the new calendar starts. Remembering you is such a waste of time, a drain of energy and a pain in my beautiful ass. You can go to hell whenever God calls you back to Him. 

I am happy with all these hiccups. I am thankful with what I had and whatever will be bestowed upon me. I do not hold grudge but I do pray God keeps you away from me.

God bless!

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