Monday, 22 October 2012

And so please help me God!

I am sitting right in front of her now.

She insisted me updating my blog. Day in and day out. I left this blog neglected. Unkempt. I felt that I lost my sense of connection long time ago. The time... that very moment when my extra time was robbed away from me. And after 6 long months... I am still struggling to have everything around me runs smoothly. Not according to anyone's expectation though. Just mine.

"You can easily be a good writer cause you can tell know how," she smiled.

"You are the only one who thinks so," defensive as always. Me.

"You don't have the DESIRE to write, you just don't want to," her eyes sparked a glittering sense of victory for being able to read my thought, to successfully guess my state of mind. And for that, I couldn't agree more.

But to tell you the truth, I disagree. Oh. What's new about me? I always have to disagree.

I want to write. Yes, I do.

If the world can be paused for awhile, and everything in it can take a leisure break from its madness, all I want to do is to write stories. And to read them too. Believe me. No shopping nor watching movies can overtake the desire for me to write or read.

I just don't have the time. And energy.

And so please help me God!


  1. may Allah grant you all good things in life and in hereafter

    1. Don't remember reading this comment. A year ago kan...of coz!
      Love you!